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April Client of The Month
Stella COTM 2

Stella Parker

I started my journey at BarNone in April 2016 when I signed up for my 1st challenge and absolutely fell in love with the program.  I came back in January and did an Alumni Challenge and have been a member ever since then!  It is tough and like nothing I've ever done before, but it works...you just have to put in the effort!   I cannot say enough wonderful things about this program...from the program itself, to all of the wonderful trainers/staff and everyone who walks through the doors who become your "fitfam."  The support system is unbelievable....no one is judging you...everyone is there to help one another out and it's really amazing to watch and be a part of.  I absolutely love it here!

December Client of The Month
Linda Harwood 

 Looking into the mirror one morning I didn’t like who was looking back.  It’s like the extra layer around my waist had just appeared.  My blood pressure had gone up to needing medication and here came the diabetes.  I wasn’t about to start taking any medications! While on Facebook I saw an ad for a 6-week weight loss challenge. If I knew anything about myself, it was that I was up for a challenge.  The challenge for me wasn’t necessarily the physical part but more of the diet.  As many have come to know, I am a very fussy eater and green vegetables don’t even find a place on my secondary list of foods let on as a daily part of my meal plan. Pushing hard to lose my 20lbs which put me 10lbs below my ideal body weight was tough.  Once the challenge was over I couldn’t imagine not seeing my fit family of trainers and friends five days a week.  I liked the compliments I received about my appearance and the fact I could once again wear jeans without an extra roll over the top.  I learned that weight is just a number on a scale but being fit is what life is about. Barnone gave me the gift of fitness and taught me there is only one battle in life that matters and that is the battle with yourself.  No matter what is in your way the only thing holding you back is …. You!

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