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The Clear Difference

For a very long time I've been a gym rat. So working out was not new to me. However there is quite a difference when you are working with a trainer who knows how to form a workout that is best for you. I found that trainer in Wilson Thomas at his BarNone Gym. What a difference! Let me tell you that I am three years and four months away from my eightieth birthday and am in better shape, healthier, and more fit than I was in my forties. I started to say thirties but that was going back a little too far. The fact is that no matter your age, you can benefit from working with a good trainer. At BarNone not only is your age taken into consideration but what your goals may be. So don't use age as an excuse for not working out. Get up, get going, and may I recommend that you get over to Wilson Thomas and his group of experienced trainers at BarNone Training.


BarNone was Perfect for Me

In 2011, I committed myself to home workouts. However, due to changes in my work and personal life, I started having trouble making them a priority. I would schedule a workout for a Tuesday night, for example, and then put it off until 9 or 10 pm - or not do it at all! I started noticing unfavorable changes in my body and health, and couldn't seem to get back on track. My sister, Sandy, had been going to BarNone for a while. I never joined her because the group classes intimidated me. But when she told me that our friend Katie Plum was going to be a trainer - I was sold. It was time for something new, and the 21-day-trial was just what I needed. I knew after the first week that BarNone was perfect for me. I love all the trainers, the classes, the personal attention, and the commitment they have to you - which inspires commitment to yourself! Not only have I experienced great results, but BarNone actually gives me back my time - instead of spending Saturday putting off my workout, I am done at 9 am! I have more stamina and I feel stronger than I've ever felt in my life. I'm able to keep up with women 10 years younger than I am in my soccer games, and I feel more confident, and more at peace with my body than I've ever felt before. Thanks BarNone!


The trainers motivate me everyday!

I like Barnone because the trainers motivate me everyday. I love that we have fun and get a good workout in each class. Also, BarNone holds me accountable. I know that every 6 weeks Katie will be taking my measurements & pictures. It helps me stay focused on my goals. I love seeing results, and that is what I have gotten at BarNone!


I thoroughly love working out at BarNone.

I thoroughly love working out at BarNone. The trainers there are very professional, motivated and they lead by example. They provide just the right amount of pushing and encouragement I need to keep going. Not only do they have truly amazing trainers but their classes are just as amazing. They are intense but fun and geared to my body. Getting up in the morning is very hard for me, but knowing I am getting up to go to BarNone helps motivate me and gets me excited!


Seeing Results!

After 3 weeks into the New Year Challenge it is such an amazing feeling to finally start seeing results! No better motivation than that! Thank you BarNone!


I love the variety in the workouts!

It's amazing that I never have a hard time getting out of bed for a 5:00 a.m. workout. The trainers are excellent and really find great ways to motivate you! I have worked out since my teens and thought I was in shape. Since joining BarNone and now in my early 50's...I have never felt better!


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