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Tivonya Cole

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Being a mother of a daughter who is involved in school, sports, and activities, I caught myself making excuses why not to focus on my health and fitness.  After putting my personal fitness on the back burner for so many years, I was grateful to find BarNone. I joined the Camp Challenge to start my journey.  As I made my health and nutrition a priority, I watched my body transform. 

Making a lifestyle change takes commitment, dedication and hard work.  Attempting to make lifestyle change or accomplish a goal, is challenging and exhausting without moral support.   The support and guidance I received from Barnone helped me achieve my goal of a healthier lifestyle.  I feel my best when I am supporting and inspiring people to achieve their goals, no matter how big or small.   Every person’s journey and goals are unique and relevant. Each small victory is a step towards an end goal.  The more clients I meet, I’m even more excited to see them reach milestones in their fitness journey.  My passion is seeing the uniqueness in everyone.  I’m grateful I can provide additional support as each client reaches their health and fitness goals.

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