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Jaclyn Hall
Personal Trainer / Instructor / Camp Support

JackieCurrent Certifications:

  • CPR/AED certified

Growing up I was never the “athletic” type, and it wasn’t until later in life that I discovered what it meant to live a healthy and active lifestyle.  I first started with BarNone by participating in their outdoor boot camp classes, and loved everything about them, especially the friendships I made through them. I started personal training with Wilson and participating in group classes on a regular basis.

My favorite saying in life is to “Never Ever Ever Ever Give Up” and that’s what I did. I never gave up on my own personal goal. I participated in the Camp Challenge and it changed my life. I couldn’t be more thankful for this program, so much so that I wanted to help other people meet their goals and feel like I feel.  I love being able to help people realize that they can do it, as long as they don’t give up. Being able to be in this business also helps keep me motivated on my own persona l journey. 

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