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Dan Chik
Personal Trainer / Instructor 

Dan ChikCurrent Certifications:

  • CPR/AED certified

Being born and raised into a large Mid-western family, I was very active growing up. I had all my siblings to play with and be competitive with. Whether is was playing organized sports or just pick up games, I loved and still do love "the game". I continued this love of sports throughout high school and college where I played football and baseball. After college I noticed that I was being pulled in multiple directions, career, family, friends, moving, etc. I started to spend less time on my own personal health, and very quickly got myself into a unhealthy lifestyle. 

I finally realized I needed to change and tried many unsuccessful attempts at special diets, box gym memberships, etc. It was not until I found BarNone Training that I found my niche. I was part of a group(team) again. I participated in the Camp Challenge and it changed my life. It provided me the opportunity and support I needed to get back to the healthy life style I wanted to have for my self and my family. My personal mantra during these challenges was "I can do this, I will do this, I am doing this!!!" I was incredibly thankful for this program and have always loved being a coach, so I became a personal fitness trainer. Now I have the opportunity help others stay motivated, cultivate their own personal mantra, and reach their goals.

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