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Bobbi Tremaine

Personal Trainer / Instructor


Current Certifications:





I am someone who loves adventure! I have a strong desire to move and be active. There came a season in my life I was not able to say that. Settling into life after college, I married, had 2 children and realized I had become inactive.

I grew up playing sports and being very active. I enjoyed being a part of a team and working hard to do your best. Because I have a serious family history of heart disease, my doctor encouraged me to get moving and be active again. I knew I needed to make a change. Finally, I did! My youngest was 4 years old at the time, and I began to run, better my nutrition, and hired a personal trainer to coach me in strength training. That's when my journey to a healthy me started. It has grown into a passionate lifestyle of health and fitness today. 

I have now completed many races including: marathons, half marathons, 5k's and triathlons. I have also experienced the thrill of several adventure races. Setting a goal and having a challenge before me has kept me motivated. Through my journey I am continually inspired to set new goals for myself. I enjoy sharing this passion with others! I am committed to fitness! I am committed to helping others make a lifestyle change, achieve goals, and improve their overall health and well being. Being a personal trainer makes this happen.


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