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Through true accountability, healthy relationships and powerful motivation we help you reach peak fitness.  We feel it is important to learn what your goals are, allowing us to customize your program and provide you the best possible experience in order to reach your personal goals.

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August Client of The Month
Tivonya COTM

Tivonya Cole
Over the years, I’ve tried almost every gimmick to lose weight… like so many of us. As a mother I had shifted my focus to my family and helping others and had put my health to the back burner. I found the 6 week challenge by accident on facebook. I was intrigued and wondered, why not? It was time for me to begin putting myself first so I could be here for my family in the long run.

I participated in the Barnone Challenge and was amazed at how hard it was to change my emotional mindset about working out. The trainers, members, and other challengers motivated me every step of the way. The trainers pushed me further than I thought possible. I was able to lose 45 lbs, gain lean muscle, and prove to myself that I could wake up at 5am for a 615am workout!! As a member of the Barnone family, I have continued my journey as I look at nutrition and a balanced lifestyle. I’ve learned I can have it all if I push myself. I'm finishing the nutrition class with Kim and it has helped me transition into a better and healthier me!! I love learning about how I can enjoy food without packing on calories, fat, and weight!

My new outlook on nutrition, health, and work/life balance has help keep me motivated. To be in such great shape at my age is amazing! There are so many people that have inspired me on my fitness journey. I hope I can be there to inspire others and let everyone realize that it is possible to be in the best shape of your life no matter your age. Thanks to my #fitfam!

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Our Staff

Wilson Thomas

WilsonWilson Thomas - Owner and Personal Trainer 

"Don't settle for anything less than what you want and what you deserve." 

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Michelle Anderson

Michelle Anderson - Office Manager

"Do something today that your future self will thank you for!" 

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Bobbi Tremaine

Bobbi Tremaine - Personal Trainer / Instructor

"You aren't finished when you lose...you are finished when you quit. Don't quit on you!"

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Bobby Breon

Bobby Breon - Personal Trainer / Instructor

"If you don't have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?"

-John Wooden

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